Kate Thompson

The Switchers Trilogy

Reviews for Switchers

Thompson has written a fantasy with the pacing of a suspense novel—an adventure written in poetic prose. ... The suspense never wavers, while integral to the story are the author’s deft observations on independence and human relationships, on death and loss, and more, in an atmospheric and authentic fantasy world. - Kirkus

'Unmissable...spellbinding'- Sunday Telegraph

'Daring and accomplished'- Books For Keeps

'A storyteller of genius'- Irish Times

Tess and Kevin are Switchers - they can change into any creature at will. And when they discover they share this gift, they find that together they have powers beyond belief, enabling the two of them to save the world from threatened destruction. But there are other more sinister characters among the Switchers and when Tess is dragged into the dark night-time world of Martin, she finds herself facing the most terrifying choice of her life. What is more she is approaching her fifteenth birthday, at which point she must make up her mind about who or what she will become in her final permanent Switch - from which there is no going back…